Champion Road


I am going to write and share my feeling to you, day by day....


"The road of a Champion"


:YES!" This is not an easy one but I choose it, I put myself on the road, I want to hand in hand with you (all of you)to overcome and jump over the hurdles, the day you get your "Champion Title" the day I CRY OUT inside my heart "YES!"



A lot of people doing thing affected by emotion and feeling. As a human being, it is normal, but that will totally affect the forth-coming result. What do you want yourself to be? Everyday, we are facing a lot of problems of which need to be solved. When I step on the Road of a Champion, I have decided not to return, no matter what will go to happen. Hence, I am not teaching my student Karatedo only, I also teaching them how and when to punch out with power in daily life.



We must know the rule of the game when we play the game, most people know the rule, but they just try to change the rule to their own comfortable zone. However, it doesn・t work, you can't change the rule until you host the game. When you host the game, you better make a win-win situation rule, otherwise you wont win...


The Role of a Coach

Sometimes ago, a net friend from Taiwan asked me about why I choose to be a coach since I am holding the degree of MBA. I answered him because of My MBA that makes me become a great instructor, founder of my dojo. He just misunderstands the life and working of a coach, so I am going to share with him and you now. A coach is a good planner, a leader, a demonstrator, an experienced athlete, a good administrator, a social worker and a friend. So, due to the above reasons, a coach needs to acquire as much knowledge as he/she can. My major is Management that helps me become a "Pro" Coach and a "Pro" founder. of Course, I also learned from some Well-known founders as well. They are my target/model. I have different working habit (I make my own rules), I am not working from 9 to 5 even thought I have a company here in Hong Kong, I don・t go to the office unless I need to. Office secretary is there. I have all equipments at home, 2 computers, fax machine, direct telephone line. A good working planner, file cabins. I have classes almost everyday but the classes only take 1-2 hours, so I have quite a lot of time to do some study about Karatedo and Internet stuffs. As I make my own rules including working, so, time is really flexible for me....


"MY LIFE AS A COACH (2)(updated 13 Nov,2000)

As a full time Coach and Dojo Director, I feel great that the time is so flexible. I need to work on all planning, carry out them and review them from time to time. To enlarge the No. of students, to enrich the knowledge of the student and put them on the Champion road. The secret of learning process is - :step by step, review, and most important is what do you want your students to be?; This is the major part and leads them to success. If your planning is not good enough, you are only wasting your own time and theirs too. Most problems of the coach is they think they know a lot and actually not. They just too lazy to learn more and hate to admit themselves that they are ignorant on some aspect. Keep leaning more is the 1st priority for a coach. I have been wondering why the coach never have a tape of the updated tournament, even they have it but they dare not to study them and pick up the best technique, they only stick to the good old days of their own. That's too bad (to be continued)


My LIfe as a coach (3)update (23-2-2001)

The major error of some of the coaches is they just too lazy to learn more and hate to admit themselves that they are ignorant on some aspect. I motivate myself everyday; I learn from the errors, I don・t calculate the input and output, from "0" to something, from worry to confident. After I left the Police Karatedo Club, everything starts from all over. In fact, the leaving changed my life. After I left, there is a ton of problems, however, problems trained me up and let me understand I become stronger because of the problem. The No. of Head is raising everyday until...(to be continued)


Updated Content: My Life as a Coach(4) (8 March,2001)

After I left the Police Karatedo Club, I met the 'cold shoulder', my instructor order all the members to stop contact with me, fortunately, my friend who is a social worker helps me to go through the hard time in my life. The students of Tai Wo grow up everyday but at the same time I found I was pregnant, how can I conduct the Karatedo class?? I can only use verbal instruction and the action demonstrated by the senior students. After nine months, my child was born. By that time, I was an insurance agent; I have to meet my client everyday. To entertain myself and my client, I joined the Spotlight Recreation Club, plus enrolled the Karatedo class of Sifu Chan, thinking that I could further learn my Karatedo and bring up my students in Tai Wo... (To be continued)


As I am working in two different types of work i.e. Marketing in Consultants firm & Karatedo Coach, meanwhile, I also responsible for the Management at the same time, I do treasure the time and hate people who are wasting time. I spend quite a lot of time on the work of Hong Kong Karatedo Federation, basically, I have no holiday. However, I still very happy and enjoy about it. My dojo heading to 300 active students and the company is entering the E-commerce circle yet, I have 24 hours a day only, I can only stick to the Time Management Planning, to save the time, I will read the papers while travelling and make some working decision. After I finished the Karatedo class, I will go home to hang around with my two computers. To keep contact with my staffs and net friends, I will turn on the icq for easy communication.(to be continued....)


psychodynamics vs psywar

How much time you need to make a quick decision? How many Times you blocked by yourself while you want to take an action? Who is your major & important enemy? How to find out what you really want in your life? All these questions are pointing to you, yourself. Yes, you, you make it happen, you make it worst, you throw an action and people there to react. You make up an Incident and get people involve between to achieve your intention. If you want to be the owner of yourself, you should learn the psywar and the method. The major target is to deal with you-yourself first (to be continued)


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