Parents Club



Dear All Who Likes Karate,

In order to develop students' potentials in all aspects and build up a better communication network between parents , students and JTK, The parents Club has been established. Our General Committee Members are as follow: -

Chairman: Ms. Sheeta Li

Members: Ms. Cindy Waldman

Mr. Eddie So

Ms. Joey Chou

Ms. Shum Hiu Wah

Mr. Nelson Yip

Ms. Stephanie Wai

Ms. Cheung Wing Sze


Since the parents club has been established, a Karaoke party was successfully held on the "Mother's day", in order to achieve our goals, more activities such as "Beauty and Fitness" Workshop will be organized in the coming days. With all the best supports from you, the parents club is growing healthily, In the near future, we will certainly keep playing important role on communication between you and JTK .



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