Dojo Rules


Jintak-Kan's Dojo Rules

1. Jintak-Kan Karate is the development of the character & spirit of a person.

2. Trainees should develop good manners & respect to the seniors & their instructors.

3. Trainees should be honest & reliable.

4. Jintak-Kan Karate is a ˇ§sportˇ¨ & on no occasion should it be misused for any other purposes.

5. Jintak-Kan Karate is also an Art of self-defence & should not be used indiscriminately.

6. Jintak-Kan Karate should only be exhibited for educational & charitable purpose with the approval of the Dojo Incharge.

7. Trainees also should not provoke or denigrate other forms of art of self-defence.

8. While all possible precautions are taken in the dojo, the Dojo Director & instructors should bear no responsibility for any accidents which may occur before, during or after the training of the trainees who join the training at their own risk.

9. Trainees must not engage in activities outside the dojo that would bring disrepute to Jin Tak Kan.

10. Dojo Director reserve the right to cancel all issued Kyu/ Dan and membership if the trainees neglect the Dojo Constitutions intentionally.

11. Without the permission from the Dojo Director, trainees are not allowed to set up their own karate club(dojo).

12. Without the permission from the Dojo Director, trainees are not allowed to train in any other karate club(dojo).

13. A trainee who intends to absent himself from training should give prior notice in writing & still liable for the training fee.

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